Spring is here; time for an IT security cleaning

The first quarter of 2015 is now behind us and spring is showing signs of its arrival. Tree buds are starting to push toward the warm sunlight and ice has all but disappeared from most lakes and rivers. It is time to clean up the debris left behind from the cold winter months and prepare ourselves for the coming heat. With new security initiatives hitting their stride, what better time than now to step back and look at your IT security architecture. Our technologies are a few years into their lifecycle with potential hardware and/or software upgrades looming; access controls have become bloated and stale after the countless "company initiatives" pounding in new business applications and their associated infrastructures at break-neck speeds; and numerous M&A integrations and leadership changes have left us inattentive to the big picture of our network security posture. Now is the time to right the ship and get the fundamentals back in order that all these new security technologies will rely on to make your network security program a continuing success in 2015.

The Hursk Group has also been going through a bit of "rebirth" this spring. We have refocused ourselves on what we do best; security architecture (firewalls, IPS, APT, TVM), network access controls (Rapid whitelists, egress remediation), and assessments (compliance, maturity models, Board/CxO posture review). To start spreading the word, we have revamped our website to reflect our focused direction, and we are a bronze sponsor of Secure360, a Minnesota security conference.